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March 2007 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Los Angeles

Kevan Hall - from Mercedes-Bens Fashion Week March 2007

Kevan Hall FALL 2007 Inspiration ...


Passengers prepare for take off…New York, LA, London and Paris…quick stops in the busy lifestyle of the urban jetsetter. She is the woman who references the past icons of style; Josephine Baker, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Diana Vreeland and Cher. However it’s only a reference; she has the confidence to make modern unexpected choices that define her own innate sense of style.

For Fall 2007, the new moguls inspire the collection that takes my muse around the world for business and leisure. Skip security check points, her plane waits without a luggage limit. This trip disembarks in Paris…the City of Lights…the city where fashion began. But what to bring? The chicest cashmere metropolitan coat and the perfect razor cut jumpsuit with fine cashmere layered underneath in shades of alabaster and onyx tweed. Chilly? Snuggle under your mink hoodie.

Night brings out her playful side with pleated taffeta dance dresses, tulle baby-dolls and flirty ombre chiffon cocktail dresses. For the most glamorous events I see her in colors the shades of the richest minerals; ruby, malachite, anthracite, alabaster, amethyst and amber. I also touched upon a new structured silhouette, it is at once vintage and modern. The sky’s the limit for this urban jetsetter.

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