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The following is a list of rules regarding the use of photos / images from this website.

Requirement # 1

We require
that you do NOT attempt to cover or remove our watermark from the fashion week photos.  We have added a watermark (text) to the image to indicate that the image is copyright of our company.  We request that you do not alter the watermarks in anyway.  Some images have only one watermark but other images have more then one mark.  You are NOT permitted to remove any of the markings.
Requirement # 2

If you are using the fashion image for a website or newsletter,
you must link the image back to our website.  If you are using the image in a publication such as a fashion magazine, newspaper, catalog etc. (publication that is not online), you can freely use the fashion week photo as long as the watermark is clearly visible.  If it is not visible, please be certain to properly credit in the article.  If you truly do not know how to create a hyperlink in the image to link back to the Fashion Week Photos website, you can contact us before downloading our image.  We will try to assist you.

Requirement # 3

If the designer or photographer name is listed along with the photos, you should do you best to credit the designer and photographer on your website.  The images are to be utilized in an effort to promote the designer or photographer.  Use images for fashion articles, blog posting etc.  Images should NOT be sold or re-distributed.

If we were not clear enough above, here is more detail about the requirements.  If you still have questions, please contact us before using any of our fashion images.

A)  You must NOT alter images.

Note: You are permitted to re-size the images slightly to better fit your needs.  However, the     copyright marking must not be blurred nor too small to be legible.  On each image a viewer must be able to read clearly that the image source is from

B)  When utilizing the images on a website, newsletter or any other form of electronic communication, the image must maintain a link from the image to the website.  You can link the image to our main page or any other page on the Fashion Week Photos website.

C)  You are NOT permitted to sell, rent, lease or license the images to anyone for personal or commercial use.

D)  The Fashion Week Photos website, located at links to many other websites.  Some of the other sites are owned by Apparel Search, and some sites that we link to are not owned by Apparel Search.  The images that are available for use are the images that are found on this website (  You are NOT permitted to utilize photos or images from the other Apparel Search Company websites or any of the other websites that are linked to from this or any of our sites.  Again, you are only permitted to utilize images from this site and have the markings of our website name on the image.  If you have questions, let us know.

E)  The goal is to utilize images as a method to promote the fashion designers, fashion photographers, and fashion events.

We have the right to add rules or modify existing rules at any time and without notice.  Please check back often for the most current details.

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