Remarquable Designs By Essence Flowers : 2008 Tampa Bay Fashion Week

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 Tampa Bay Fashion Week  Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2008

Essence Flowers A native of Haines City, Florida, now residing in the Tampa Bay area, Fashion Designer Essence Flowers is making a name for herself with her breathtaking style. Essence can be described by many bold adjectives; however, no term defines her unique talent better than the word “remarkable.” As a child, Essence was introduced to designing and sewing by her grandmother, and would later pursue her passion by graduating from Tampa, Florida’s International Academy of Design and Technology in addition to receiving many accolades and elite recognition while in attendance.

Designer, Essence Flowers is tenaciously solidifying her reputation as an established up and coming couture fashion designer. Her remarkable talent has created magnificent works of art that have inspired communities, diverse cultures, fashion enthusiasts and critics that span from local charity shows to renowned fashion events.

This rising star is captivated with fashion; it’s her passion! Essence Flowers designs elude art and visual controversy with a hint of sex appeal. No word better describes this artist’s uniqueness quite like the word “remarkable.” With respect to her artistic brilliance, we invite you to experience the couture movement of Remarquable Designs By Essence. For more information about Essence Flowers and Remarquable Designs By Essence, visit:

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The images above were taken during Fashion Week in Tampa September 2008.  The event date was Sept. 24 - 27th, 2008. 


Fashion Week Tampa Bay will epitomize the fashion scene in the Bay area with an annual event that celebrates the style that’s uniquely Tampa Bay’s very own. This event will bring together the Bay area’s most talented fashion and accessories designers and showcase their work for local and national retail buyers, local boutique owners and consumers. In addition, local business partners, aspiring models and community members will have an opportunity to experience quality style and trendsetters in their own city, while providing all lovers of creativity a week of positive, high-fashion and artistic energy.

Whether it’s high-fashion, custom-fitted clothing or ready-to-wear, no one does it like Tampa Bay!

 Tampa Bay Fashion Week

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