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Here are some ambiance fashion images from the Montreal Fashion Week.

Andy The Anh Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Annie 50 Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Barila Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Bijoux Carolina Neron Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Claude Bouchard Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Defile Des Createurs Frances Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Denis Gagnon Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Dimitri_Chris Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Dinh Ba Design Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Envers Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Eve Gravel Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Helmer Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Miss Mak Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Muse Par Christian Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Myco Anna Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Soia Kyo Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Soku Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

Tatyana Parfionova Montreal Fashion Week Photos October 2009

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The curtains may have already closed on another fabulous Montréal Fashion Week, but the powerful impressions made on the unprecedented numbers of national and international audiences continue to resonate around the world. More than ever, MFW has solidified its niche position of leading design with this 17th edition and reinforced the message that it is a fashion extravaganza not to be missed. Over three days from October 13th through 15th, more than 18,000 fashion-lovers were treated to the highest-quality productions from the most talented designers on both the local and international scenes. Guests flocked to the runway in hopes of grabbing a seat to witness the famous names of fashion putting their finest on display. No detail was overlooked as every designer delivered a world-class show truly worthy of the widespread attention it commanded. Over 200 staff, including makeup artists, fashion and hair stylists and volunteers from the fashion school were invaluable in ensuring that the 30 designers on the schedule and 60 Showroom designers all got their well-earned moment in the spotlight at MFW 17.


Montreal Fashion Week October 2009 Fashion Designers and Fashion Brands: The worlds best designers always make it a point to show their collection at Montreal Fashion Week.

Adishatz The collection showcases the Gascon’s art of living, in honor of the world famous French way of enjoying life. It promotes living life to the fullest and enjoying splendid food and drinks. Rugby player Raphaël Ibañez, captain of the French team in the 2007 Rugby World Cup and captain of the London WASPS, is the collection’s muse. The Spring and Summer 2010 collection is made of simple, genuine, traditional and high quality clothing.

Alix De Moussac

Andy The-Anh Andy Thê-Anh brings the Spring-Summer 2010 collection to a new level. Creating new garments based on the fusion of the ethereal and the solid architecture that he has become known for, Andy Thê-Anh plays with fabrics and colours to emphasize the new silhouette, which is never remotely severe or austere in shape or spirit. The jacket takes the central stage this season; it appears with textured fabrics with touch of shimmer. The result: a collection with a reinvented architectural elegance, a new structural silhouette and archetypal Andy Thê-Anh sleekness.

Annie 50 Annie 50 draws its inspiration from time and images, women and the city. This spring, cotton will be at the forefront of our collection, in vivid colors scattered with earth-tones. Ladies with a sense of boldness and a taste for the nifty will find their niche with curve-enhancing cuts which highlight their femininity.

Barila Under the spell of freshness and femininity Barilà signs a spring summer 2010 collection rich in color, texture and prints. Through their eyes, Sabrina and Claudia Barilà, have subtly incorporated structure and fluidity to styles inspired by the 50s. Perforated vegan leathers, glazed linens and pastels tones are brought together by accentuated shoulders, highs waits, and dresses with flair.

Beatrice Puyssegur

Bijoux Caroline Néron Sensual and chic, Bijoux Caroline Néron’s new collection will amaze you with its shine and brilliance. From the refined elegance of a modern professional setting, to the sophisticated luxury of a grandiose evening, and the simplicity of a pure autumn legend, this jewellery has been designed to accompany you throughout the many facets of your life.

Claude Bouchard The Umbrella Dress combines a skirt made from a recycled umbrella including the tips and snaps and to which a lycra top bodice is attached. Simple, comfortable, elegant, it adjusts to all figures and adapts to the different circumstances of life. Thanks to the wide assortment of colours and patterns of the recycled umbrellas, all Umbrella Dresses are unique allowing women of all ages to acquire exclusive creations at a reasonable price.


David Kurtis He has decided to devote himself to Women with a new Cocktail Attraction collection for Spring-Summer 2010. His cocktail party dresses are made entirely in France, in the best silk satins, and some are reversible. Some of the leather necklaces arecovered in Swarovski crystal.

Denis Gagnon : For his Spring 2010 Collection, Denis Gagnon, always faithful to his muses: leather and muslin, invites us for an incursion in the phantasmagorical universe of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Just like in the cult movie of the famous German director from the twenties, the industrial element is ubiquitous in Gagnon’s fashion. Meters and meters of large metallic zips, or sometimes narrower and flexible plastic zips, charming and delicate, turned away from their original purpose to become inspiring decorative accents. Placed superbly on a collar and resembling an oversized necklace, or set as a piping to highlight a soft silk top, as you would find on a fine shoe, or sometimes twisted intentionally to limit the thickness of a skirt waistband, providing a striking look, all in black nylon.

Dinh Ba Design Spring/Summer 2010 collection Inspired by Tokyo’s eclectic vibe, Dinh Bá’s new collection features an extremely urban look perfect for everyday wear. This season’s hot, luminous metallics in several shades of red, as well as silver, gold and black add a touch of glamour while Dinh Bá’s use of structured lines and geometric shapes provide an eye-catching avant-garde allure.

Dimitri Chris Spring/Summer 2010 collection Dimitri Chris is pleased to introduce his adaptation of contemporary aristocracy through his second ready-to-wear collection: Prince of Wales. In this new collection, contrasts unite to compose a functional but yet elegant and vibrant attire. Conventional pieces are personalized and accessorized with zippers, glitter and bright color touches.

Envers Par Yves Jean Lacasse Spring/Summer 2010 collection For the past 15 years, the designer has married, in a playful yet refined manner, the past and present. His creations, particularly ethnic and historic in nature, are intermingled with styles inspired by the noble courts of Africa and Europe. The summer 2010 collection will be influenced by various periods which have marked the history of our Maison de Couture.

Ethos Paris

Eun Jung Choi

Eve Gravel Spring/Summer 2010 collection Ève Gravel has chosen to draw inspiration from the woman's different facets. Which fashionista can define herself as a glamorous sexy-rocker? All the subtleties of the woman's elegance and secrecy lie precisely in this just alliance of different looks guided by her passions.

Le Secret De La Roche

Lynn Dalaga

Helmer Fashion Designer-Embroider and Tailor, after 20 years of Haute Couture and Theatrical Costume design in Paris, Helmer has returned to Quebec. Now, he teaches at the "Arts Libres" and presents his new Fall-Winter-Cruise Collection 2008-2009.

Micalla Spring/Summer 2010 collection Spring/Summer brings natural earth tones with huge splashes of colour in the crystal and stone collections. Silver transfers and texture will play an important role this season, adding a whimsical touch to the design.

Miss Mak Designs Spring/Summer 2010 collection For spring of 2010, it is high drama on the open seas with head-turning, multi-purpose bags and totes. Forever eclectic, the Miss MAK woman takes it to the beach (or upper deck) with rich, warm colors that well accent her BBB (Beautifully Bronzed Body). Lush, regal suedes and metallic perforated leathers marry to create totes, cross body hobo and large saddle bags. Authentic reptile embellishments further personalize your Miss MAK arm candy experience.

Muse Par Christian Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Detailed décolletage, assertive waists, flared short skirts, cocktail dresses—Muse dallies in a re-visioning of iconic 50s silhouettes, with a nod to the spirited styling of Jacques Fath and his idealized femininity. Muse: fashion as amusement!

Myco Anna Spring/Summer 2010 collection As gorgeous and enchanting as a faraway island, this inspiring, sensual collection pays tribute to tropical paradises. Natural fibres, voluptuous shapes, luxurious colours and dazzling patterns define a voyage ripe with bold choices, elegance and comfort.

Soia & Kyo : Spring/Summer 2010 collection The new Spring/Summer 2010 Soïa & Kyo collection revisits traditional designs with a touch of freshness! Staying true to their classic features such as asymmetrical zippers and novelty buttons, their leather jackets can be defined as edgy yet versatile. Soïa & Kyo also introduces colours ranging from vibrant blue and sparkling fuchsia to traditional grey and classic black.

Soku Sping/Summer 2010 collection SOKÜ, available at the Bay, offers the sensory experience of haute-couture through the characteristics of ready-to-wear. Each piece is hand-made by the designer himself. To create and evolve his collection, Patrice Soku takes inspiration from the chic Russian official uniforms as well as the grace in Asian clothing, notably the finesse in Japanese design. Finally, the clean lines and simple colors make for a timeless collection.

Tatyana Parfionova The Kovalev and friends foundation for kids is proud to organize a unique fashion show in support of children suffering from heart disease. The renowned designers Tatyana Parfionova and Yves Jean Lacasse will present their Spring-Summer 2010 collections. This charity event will also feature famed photographer Heidi Hollinger. It promises to be an exceptional fall event not to be missed!

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